Welcome to DigiTutors

Designed for learning.

Sounds a bit odd, but it’s what we do and what we believe.

The industrialization and commercialisation of education is designed for teaching, for getting as much information into a large a group of students in as short a time as possible.

At Digitutors we believe that individuals need individual attention, and all students just need an opportunity and a dedicated tutor in order to excel.

Why Digitutors?

Catherine Cuff, Head of Education

At Digitutors we believe the best results are achieved when you leverage technology with the highest quality material delivered in such a way that you maximize participation and interaction.

Coupled with that is having a personal touch, where we will never just let the students go through courses on their own. We either provide quality facilitators or train and support current staff within a learning environment.

The management of Digitutors are always personally involved in the process, whether it’s in the setup, oversight or quality management phase.

Partnering with us means you will get the personal touch together with all the benefits technology and great course material brings leading to the best possible outcome for each student.

Our Services

Group Classes: IGCSE and AS subjects

Group Classes: Pre-IGCSE (Checkpoint 3)

Younger Students (grade 1 – 6)

Private Tutoring

Paper Marking

Examination Preparation